Strawberries, the main theme of each June... In every shop, on every stall, strawberries everywhere ! They are also first in my menu. Cekes, desserts, dumplings or just simple with cream, taste delicious in every version. The only downside is the inevitable weight gain, but what to do when it's so hard to resist ; )


I made some research in the shops and unfortunately I did not find what i was looking for. I'm talking about a BAG. Should be large, light-colored, with large capacity pockets and of course at reasonable price. My search ended in failure but also mobilization. I decidec to take matters in my hands and here it is ! Large, bright, with pockets and how cheap ! :)


My little Angel on his very special day,  First Holy Communion. Very uplifting moment in life, so his and mine...
  Such an event also required  mobilization  in the kitchen :)) 


Long time...a lot  is happening, changes for the better are expected but I don't want to praise the day before sunset, anyway, I'm quite busy lately.
The end of April, spring has established itself already with us but only in theory. It's hard to call it spring if it rains and it's still only about 9  degrees outside, a whim of Mother Nature ?!
But in my home colours and flowers have appeared- in spite of everything : )




Spring's comming !
I can see it- colours
I can smell it- blossoms
I can feel it- new energy, life
Spring sharpens my senses and particularly smell and taste. This prompted me to bake yeast doughs with peaches and visit to Maison Blanc to buy a wonderful french macaroons. so I spent my weekend under the sign of smell & taste : )


February decorations are expected in reds and hearts as it's a Valentines time...
Unfortunately, I'm not in a mood for bright colours this time of the year. Too late for Xmas layouts, too early for Easter. My place stay neutral with whites, greys and dozens of candles of course : ) It's something between warmth & cold, between sun & rain, between spring & winter. That's what February is for me.